Comprehensive Jewelry Appraisals

Fair and unbiased valuation.
One or more photos of the piece.
A detailed description of the gems and metals, any detected treatments of the stones and the construction of the piece.

There are lots of questions to ask about insuring and appraising your jewelry. 

  • What is the purpose for the insurance? Estate, Replacement Value? Divorce? Fair Market Value?
  • What needs to be appraised? Usually anything worth more than $1000.00 is recommended. Insurance companies vary. 
  • Does my home owners insurance cover a loss? Call your homeowners or renters insurance to find out what is covered and how. 
  • How often should I update my appraisal and jewelry insurance? Usually every 5 years but it is also a good idea to call your insurer . 

Getting started

Come in for a consultation

Sarah Huggins, Certified Insurance Appraiser™ and Graduate Gemologist of the Gemological Institute of America with training from the American Gem Society and The Jewelers Education Foundation. The public is invited to stop by the store where she would be happy to discuss the value of a CIA appraisal for insurance. Sarah will review your jewelry with you right there. Our appraisal laboratory is in house  so you can rest easy knowing your jewelry is safe you can even watch while photographs and detailed notes are taken.